Sri Lanka Deserves! Emerald delivers

Being Sri Lanka's leading shirt brand, boasting a shirt manufacturing experience of over 50 years; We realize the rising potential of the average Sri Lankan man in being a true trendsetter in the fashion industry today. With an extensive range of premium quality shirts catered specifically in order to enhance a man's own fashionable personality, who better to clothe the Sri Lankan man than the only brand who can actually deliver- Emerald.
We believe that the Sri Lankan fashion industry is reaching places across the globe that could have never been imagined before; hence we at Emerald are honoured to bring the elegance of worldwide fashion to the deserving hands of the Sri Lankan man. With a rich heritage in precision shirt making, we give you an internationally acclaimed product spearheaded by our very own Head of Design -Signor Roberto Inglesi; providing the very best to those who deserve it.

The ingredient we lacked locally to reach perfection
Fabric and embellishments plays an integral part in producing a perfect shirt. This has been perfected by our procurement team through the years. However what we lacked in bridging this gap is the high level of professionalism and exposure in design and techniques.

How we have overcome this gap in the short/ long term
Emerald acquired the expertise of professional designer & apparel engineer Roberto Inglesi who could walk the talk. With the experience and exposure of working with some of the world’s most talented individuals as well as internationally acclaimed fashion brands, his experience and exposure in shirt making cannot be matched by many. He brings with him experience of over 3 decades in shirt making in 3 continents. His exposure; spans out in working with world class brands such as Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Dior, Pierre Cardin, Stanza, Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, and Peter England, just to name a few. As the head of design and technical of Emerald, Roberto will look into the entire manufacturing of the Emerald shirt adding value to the number one shirt in the country, which is made with passion to the deserving Sri Lankan consumer.